Game Purchase FAQ Contact
  1. When will Slime Sports be available for purchase?

    It's available on Steam now! If you're looking for a standalone version, check back soon for a DRM-free copy + Steam key from the Humble Store

  2. Will it be available for Mac & Linux?

    Yes! Slime Sports will be available on all desktop platforms. However, the game was developed and tested in Windows so there may be some bugs on Day 1.

  3. What other platforms will be supported?

    We're only targeting PC platforms for the initial release. However, the game works great with a controller so we hope to have the game in console marketplaces soon after launch.

  4. What languages will be available?

    English is currently the only supported language, but when the modkit is available the community will be able to add translations.

  5. Can I mod the game?

    The modkit is in development, but will likely not be ready for the initial release. Moddable features on our radar include Translations, Bots, Powers, and Levels.

  6. Can I play online?

    LAN support is in progress. Check back soon for more details, or contact for more info.